We met through our ridgebacks and have grown together with our dogs. Trish started out with Tess, Champion Bearstar So Beautiful, in 1988. Tess was bred with Shelridge Askari (Tori). This litter produced two great breed representatives. Grand Champion Bartess Rebel Rouser (Rebel) and his sister Champion Bartess Gwai Eermoonan (Kirra). Tess was also mated to Champion Vishala Sikoto and produced Champion Bartess Gwai Lowanna (Jarrah).

Darren brought with him Champion Bearstar Lady Destiny. From her two lovely litters we kept Champion Bartess Distorted Humour (Dash) and Grand Dual Champion (T) Bartess Wild Triumph TDX ET (Buzz). We bred from Dash and kept Dual Champion (T) Bartess Bold Koincidence (Tia). Unfortunately Dash and Tia are no longer with us. We have one female sired by Buzz, Dual Champion (T) Kushika Wild Dream TSD (Jarla), and we have one of his grandsons, Kushika Secret Intention TD ET (Hawk). We have a Border Terrier bitch, Champion Glenbogle Dare to Dream NE. We did have a male German Wirehaired Pointer, Dual Champion(T) Korskote Xplosiv Encore ET, but he is no longer with us either.

Darren and I enjoy showing, doing obedience, tracking and training our dogs. We have had our fair share of success; actually our dogs have done very well. We have had some fantastic specialty success and also in the tracking field. Most of all we love to spend time with our ridgies, whether it be walking through the bush that surrounds our home, lazing in the sun or by the fire in winter. Our ridgies are our part of our family and have won the hearts of our extended family. Our dogs give us plenty of enjoyment and companionship; it's only fair we give plenty in return. We live in a rural area on 2 acres of semi cleared bush land. Our dogs are inside with us when we are home or just walking around the yard, mostly sleeping in the sun if it is a nice day. They are all taken for regular walks and they get plenty of off lead exercise in the surrounding bush. We like our dogs to be fit and athletic. Because of our hobbies with the dogs they are taken to dog shows and our local obedience club from an early age and travel with us on holidays or to the shops, they are used to many diverse situations. We have travelled all around the country with our dogs and they have coped very well. We have a strong belief in regular and meaningful socialisation.

We have been tracking with several of our dogs for the past 5 years. Buzz was Australia's first ridgeback Tracking Champion and the first to gain the Track and Search Excellent Title. Jarla his daughter is also a Tracking Champion and is working towards her Track and Search Excellent Title. Tracking is something we are very passionate about and we love spending weekends away at trials, training and working with the dogs. It is a great experience to work with your ridgeback and see them develop into a consistent and effective tracker.